Making Loneliness History

25th March 2009

ADULT DATING for Fun, Exciting Passion. Dating for Adults where you set the limits and boundaries. Adult Dates for no-strings sex or romantic passion.


There can be nothing worse that arriving for an Adult Date and the person that you are meeting has greasy hair and dirty finger nails and it is obvious that they have not made any effort with their dress or  hygiene at all.

It is not only discourteous, but it is a definate turn-off. Am I the only one who sits there and thinks, ` You are not bringing those hands anywhere near me!' ??

Before embarking on an adult date, make sure that your hair is clean, neatly cut and well styled. Nails and hands need to be clean and not stained with cigarette stains. Ladies ensure that if you are wearing nail polish it is not chipped and old looking.  

Underwear is important. Sexy Underwear for the ladies is a great confidence builder, whether it is seen or not, and for the men, it is a real turn-off, if you do get to the bedroom or where ever and it comes to getting your kit off, and you have a baggy, sad pair of boxers, and holes in your socks. Go prepared for your adult date.

Smell great, it is well worth it and a great aphrodisiac. Find a fragance that you are comfortable with and that suits you. You don't need to spend a fortune, but a good fragrance is worth the money and it will last. It will pay dividends, believe me.

Dress in a manner that suits your body type, age, the venue and also bear in mind fashion trends. By fashion I mean current fashion to suit you as an individual. If you like retro, great but then mix it with timeless items so that it looks intentional retro and not as if you are stuck in a timewarp!. You want to appear classy and well turned out on your adult date not down at heel and old fashioned. Look at fashion programmes and take the time to study magazines, ask advice and take note on the way other fashionable people dress. Ladies feel feminine and special, you are definately worth the effort and you will feel more confident and self-assurred. Men, smart is a by-word that you could live by, smart casual, and well turned out.  Dirty t-shirts and jeans just don't cut it! Jeans yes, great butts in jeans are fantastic, but they need to be clean and smart in a casual look way. 

Shoes are important. Ladies I am sure you don`t need any urging on this point, but track shoes are not the ideal, unless you are meeting at the gym.  Shoes are a tricky one, so give them a lot of thought. Leather boots are great for men and woman and look very sexy. Boots also look great with jeans, guys.

Enjoy the Preparation for your ADULT DATE, as much as the Date itself. If you Feel Confident you will Look Confident. Style style and more style!



  Eat properly to maintain the energy and vitality for hot dates, hot sex and an exciting lifestyle. Enjoy your super foods to keep up the vitality to keep going and be a red hot lover. 

Eat well and live well!